Tumbling classes that fit YOUR schedule!


At The Firehouse Gym, we offer classes structured to fit your skill set as an athlete. A maximum class size of 10 will ensure that your athlete receives all the attention they deserve.


Level 1A (8 and under) and B (9 and older) -- Preliminary Introduction to power tumbling. Focus on Forward/Backward Rolls, Handstands, back/front walkovers, and beginning techniques for back handsprings.


Level 2 -- All ages welcome. Focus on single and multiple back handsprings, as well as level 1 connections to back handsprings (Front/Back walkover to handspring)


Level 3 -- All Ages welcome. Focus on running multiple handsprings to tuck, standing multiple handsprings to tuck, and standing tuck


Level 4* -- All ages welcome. Layout class. Focus on perfecting the layout, and developing specialty skills to layout (Evaluation Required)

Level 5A* -- All ages welcome. preliminary twist class. (Evaluation required)


Level 5B* -- All ages welcome. Advanced twist class [Must have a full] (Invitation Only)

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